Overseas Restaurant 2820 Roosevelt Street, Carlsbad, CA 92008  (760) 729-0348 FAMOUS CHINESE CUISINE IN CARLSBAD

I liked the food it was really good. The won ton soup was outstanding, the dumplings in the soup were perfect and they gave you a lot of dumplings to match the quantity of broth. The pan fried dumplings were great, the dipping sauce was a light vinegar/ginger type sauce. I got the lemon chicken, which was a good portion, two chicken cutlets and the lemon sauce was very tart and made the dish taste great! I also tried the Beef Lo Mein, and again I was very happy. I recommend giving it a try!

My family and I have been going here for years. The food is unbeatable. I have never found authentic Chinese food like it ...anywhere! The service is a tad slow but that's because they are giving each and every table personal attention that they deserve. You’ll appreciate it when it comes back to you. Check it out, i promise you wont be disappointed.


The colors in the restaurant were great, it reminded me of China.

"People! The chicken here, is EXCELLENT!"

Everyone should go to this restaurant.

My grandma loved it! She loved how they cut the meat.

So, everyone should defiantly go and have a great time and enjoy some great food!

This is the best Chinese restaurant in north county. I love their Orange chicken. The service is great. Don't listen to the other review on service, Notice they never said the food was bad.

If you love authentic Chinese food, or if you want to broaden your horizons past Panda Express, then Overseas Chinese Restaurant is the place to be. Great friendly service, wonderful food, and a great value with low prices and large portions. A Carlsbad secret! Tourists and locals alike are treated like regulars. Always a treat!

Service  is great -- they recognized me no matter how long it had been -- and they are quick to notice and respond to any need on the part of the customer.