I've been going to this restaurant for the better part of 14+ years.

The same staff, servers, cooks. Everything.

The main waitress/lady (not sure of her name) has an unbelievable memory, and even when I haven't shown up to the place in 2 years (due to living on the other side of the state) she still remembers that my favorite dish is their lemon chicken.

The food isn't greasy - it's awesome. But enough of a typical review. Time to talk about the Lemon Chicken.

Imagine, if you will, the sweetest and slightly tart key-lime pie you've ever had in your life. Now imagine it wasn't lime, but it was a slight lemon-meringue flavor. Add a few dashes of magic, ohmygodness, holyjesusness and some goodlordness for the extra taste of divinity and then generously coat a breaded chicken breast in it cut into strips. This is the wonder of their lemon chicken dish. I have been eating this same dish for over a decade, at this same restaurant. It is SO GOOD.

Pour the lemon sauce on your rice and then eat it. It's like a desert. It's unbelievably awesome.

Take the leftovers home and eat the lemon chicken for breakfast in the morning. I kid you not, it's like eating a lemon donut. It's even better cold. Even though I went down to Oceanside for a week recently and ate at the restaurant 3 out of the 7 days I was there, I want to go back JUST FOR THE LEMON CHICKEN.

Their Thai dishes are really amazing as well - the chow fun and the Thai spicy noodle soup are unbelievably good. The chow fun is so sweet and delicious. My goodness.

Overseas Restaurant 2820 Roosevelt Street, Carlsbad, CA 92008  (760) 729-0348 FAMOUS CHINESE CUISINE IN CARLSBAD